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week 23: granola bars!

19 Mar

this week i am making complementary posts on HACSI and GBaB. they seemed mutually relevant but not quite the same, so i decided to keep up both blogs this week.

i have been wanting to make smitten kitchen’s chewy granola bar recipe for a while now, and after last week’s disappointment of how annoying it is to not be able to eat my breakfast before i get to work, this seemed like a good time to try something so portable.

i have some good news: i actually followed the recipe. well, pretty much. and you know why? this supports s’s oppositional defiant disorder diagnosis for me, but because she said i didn’t have to follow the recipe, it meant that i mostly chose to.

and! it made them turn out so beautiful!


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week OMG-i-have-been-doing-this-for-so-long!/22: broccoli spinach spaghetti bake.

13 Mar

last week was a leftovers week, hence no post!

so i have gotten so good at this bringing breakfasts all but one day per week thing, that i have been using my time to push myself. i want, as i have mentioned before, to expand what i see as breakfasty. so when i saw this broccoli-spaghetti fritatta on the kitchn, it seemed like a good starting point. i thought, though, about how i like stratas more than fritattas, so decided to up the amount of spaghetti to have more the amount i would have of bread. by volume. is anyone seeing where this is going? if not, there’s an interesting point i would like to share with you all: you know what bakes differently than bread, when soaked in eggs? spaghetti. it’s so much denser, it’s a whole different world. also, i should have maybe doubled the spaghetti from the recipe, rather than quadrupling it.

but, hindsight is 20/20, and it’s still really tasty!

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