week 20: veggie pigs in a spinach-laden blanket!

27 Feb

last week was my february break–thanks for yr bizarro holiday schedule, massachusetts! so, no pre-made breakfasts–i had plenty of time to make them every day. friday, though, i got back on the pre-making train to prepare for this week of normal schedule time.

since i had all this time off, i put more energy than i normally would into making whole wheat croissant dough… but still not enough energy to make actual successful whole wheat croissant dough. whoops.

but all was not lost! my big success of february break was that s and i went to the barn in greenfield, an overstock grocery store that i love  (incidentally, it’s actually where i got the veggie dogs i used to make this week’s breakfast–but that’s not my point). i saw this:

freezer case at a grocery store, with morningstar farm egg/cheese/veggie meat biscuit options on sale for 2/$3.

i don't *even* want you anymore.

it’s the veggie egg/cheese/meat biscuits whose not-quite-goodness made me want to start this blog–i was spending like $5 to get a pack of four of them and then they were not even that satisfying. but for $1.50? i would have snapped them up! this time, though, i walked right by, after taking a picture, because i have been so successful at making foods i actually want to eat!

so instead, i bought supplies to make breakfast, for even cheaper, and went home.

as i mentioned above, i thought i was going to make croissant dough. but that is SO FUSSY and takes SO LONG. so i made half-assed croissant dough–which essentially amounts to a nice, if unnecessarily difficult, biscuit dough, but yeasted instead of baking powdered. delicious–and whole wheat and no prospect of lard, which is different than pre-made croissant dough i could get from the store–but definitively not croissants. who wants to spend 8 hours making dough? so rather than telling you how i made the dough, i would say: if you want to make this, just start out making your favorite biscuit dough–again, i like this one, except for the name. it’s great. i used all whole wheat pastry flour, which is my bff flour because it’s so useful!

i wanted to figure out some way to make my pigs in a blanket have veggies–because, as always, i want whole grains and veggies and proteins in every breakfast–so i turned to my old friend, frozen spinach. i wanted to make something about the thickness of the saag portion of saag paneer, or possibly slightly thicker. so i defrosted and drained a box of frozen spinach (only takes like 2 minutes even without a microwave! i put a towel in a colander, run really hot water from the faucet over it, run colder water over it once it’s thawed so that i can touch it, and then pick up the towel and squeeze it out really hard for like 30 seconds. done! half-assed cooking semi-illustrated, anyone?), then sauteed up a really small onion and a clove of garlic in some olive oil. i added the spinach, 3 tablespoons or so of nutritional yeast, and about a cup of soy milk. i cooked it until it was less liquidy, added salt and pepper, then blended it–only for like 25 seconds, because i wasn’t trying to make it totally smooth, just a little more hold-together-y.

i went to the table to start assembling. i cut the veggie dogs in half, and cut the dough in little triangles. on each triangle, i smeared a bunch of the spinach mixture, then put a hot dog, then rolled it up.

a cookie sheet full of uncooked biscuit dough, wrapped around bright green spinach sauce and veggie dogs, on parchment paper.

the assembly station.

i baked them off–325 for about 18 minutes, until they browned, though YMMV depending on whether yr oven is more accurate than mine is–and they were delicious!

two pigs in a blanket--browned triangle of biscuit wrapped around dark green spinach, with a veggie dog peeking out of the middle--on a white plate.

so good!

  • breakfasts made: actually, 7, but i ate 2 over the weekend. so once the week started, 5.
  • time spent: embarrassingly long given the eventual lack of croissant dough. but besides that, about 40 minutes.
  • total cost: 50 cents! and that was for the whole pack of veggie dogs (thanks, barn!)–there were totally still some left at the end.







One Response to “week 20: veggie pigs in a spinach-laden blanket!”

  1. Shayn February 27, 2012 at 11:51 am #

    I want to spend 8 hours making dough! But, only once. (assuming, i never fulfill my dream of working in a bakery, where i get to laminate dough all morning with a fancy machine that rolls it out for me to a perfectly even thickness)
    Anyhow, i’m so glad your breakfast project has been so successful that you are not even a little swayed by those mediocre frozen things. Great job!

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