week 19: blueberry corn muffins and hard boiled eggs

13 Feb

so, in my attempt to find protein-sources-on-the-side that i will eat for breakfast, this week i am trying with hard boiled eggs, because i really wanted a muffin this week. it felt like this was a good week to trial it, since next week is a vacation week so i get a bit of time to reassess my direction after friday.

also, my co-op has relatively recently come into a large amount of cook’s illustrated magazines. if you haven’t read cook’s illustrated, i recommend doing so–it’s fascinating, and they are just so precise. they test out EVERYTHING and tell you the best way to, for example, defrost cupcakes. our house is, suffice to say, not like that. so nicole and i were talking about making a half-assed cooking semi-illustrated response–i feel like i have a few thoughts to work in that vein on this post! i will put them in italics.

let’s talk about the egg first. i put four eggs in a small pot of cold water with a splash of vinegar, because that’s supposed to help make eggs peel more easily. i brought it to a boil, turned it off, and let the eggs sit in the now-hot water for 10 minutes. after 10 minutes, i shocked them with cold water, because that, too, is supposed to help them peel more easily. “wow, elizabeth,” you may be thinking. “two techniques to help you peel the egg more easily! good thinking, but is that a bit excessive?”

the answer, i must tell you, is no. i decided to peel my eggs the night before to both reduce the sulfur smell and save time in the morning.  and how did my super-easy-to-peel egg turn out? i think a visual is more effective than trying to explain:

misshapen, poorly peeled egg, some of the yolk visible, on a green plate.

look! when i peeled the egg i gave it cool-guy sunglasses!

i tried so hard to make this egg  look like a normal hardboiled egg. but, proving that i might need a more thorough assessment of my fine motor skills, i still totally destroyed it.

so, that part failed. but i was simultaneously making some blueberry corn muffins. i made a serious excess of these muffins but i froze a bunch and put some in the house treat cupboard–so these proportions are not for a week of  breakfast worth. if you wanted to make just enough for that, i would cut it to half or a third as much!

first, i preheated the oven to 350. i combined about 1.5 cups of yogurt (we make our own, so it’s unsweetened and made with 2% milk, just to clarify), 2 eggs, and about 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl, and stirred them together. here is half-assed cooking semi-illustrated (HACSI) tip #1: if you don’t want to bother to melt butter/earth balance, or you don’t have any, you can substitute olive oil in many things at a ratio of 4:3 butter:olive oil. this isn’t true in everything, but i have found that in muffins, cakes that you feel good about a slight savory undertone to, fruit breads, etc, it’s totally substitutable. you can even use vegetable oil in a pinch. in things that are very butter/eb dependent, though, like biscuits, don’t mess with it.

i added 1.5 cups whole wheat pastry flour, 1 cup cornmeal, .75 cup roughly ground freeze-dried corn, 1/4 cup of hippie sugar, half a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of baking powder, and a large pinch of salt.  i mixed it all in with the liquids, and then put in some frozen wild blueberries until it felt fruit-y enough! HACSI tip #2: i think that defrosting the blueberries is an unnecessary step. that said, what i totally failed to do and wish i had done is: break up the blueberries so there are no large chunks, and then toss them in flour. this covers them with gluten, which bonds to the gluten in the batter, and then they don’t all clump up in the muffins. i failed to do this, and the following is what my muffins looked like:

essentially a little bit of brownish muffin around a HUGE EXPLOSION of purplish blueberries, held between my fingers


it still tastes good, but that’s all the blueberries in the whole muffin, stuck together near the bottom of it. so the flour is worth it, i think.

i spooned the batter into muffin liners in muffin tins–liners make such a difference! i didn’t have enough batter to fill all the cups on both muffin pans–i was one short. HACSI tip #3: if i was being really serious, i could pretty easily adjust the amount of batter in each cup to make another muffin. but i could also just pour cold water into the cup so everything still bakes evenly and so that the muffin tin doesn’t warp. which i chose, because it was easier. i also read that you can use ice cubes, which seems convenient also. i baked them for 25ish minutes. if you want a sweet crunch on top of your muffins, you can sprinkle large-grain sugar on them before baking. i also have a really good crumble top recipe that i will try to use next time i make muffins so i can tell you all about it!

ultimately, the breakfast was pretty delicious!

green plate on wood table, with misshapen peeled egg and browned muffin with blueberry flecks

the egg looks a little better from a distance

statistics time!

  • breakfasts made: 4 hardboiled eggs, 5 muffin-breakfasts frozen, some muffins in the snack cabinet.
  • time spent: 50 minutes.
  • total cost: free!







3 Responses to “week 19: blueberry corn muffins and hard boiled eggs”

  1. NB February 13, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    Good job cooking breakfast! And I really think the egg looks much cooler now that I know it’s wearing sunglasses.

    Do you think we should start a HACSI blog? Because that sounds really fun.

  2. NB February 13, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Also, look what I saw today on the internet!


  3. eliz February 13, 2012 at 4:37 pm #

    i’m in! i made salted caramel sauce from scratch in 10 minutes this afternoon (15 if you count all the cleaning up and everything!) which i feel like is good for a HACSI blog.

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