week 16 update… this one doesn’t deserve an exclamation point.

27 Jan

so, i didn’t buy breakfast more than once this week. technically, then, i succeeded. but, that’s the best i can say for myself.

that said, i didn’t eat the dip and veggies and cereal for breakfast after monday. i just couldn’t bring myself to do it! it felt so un-breakfasty. i ate the veggies and dip for my late-morning snack, and they were delicious! but, not like breakfast.

my week involved several late-start mornings, so i was able to make breakfast at home. on wednesday, i meant to eat it as breakfast, and then i totally forgot to bring the dip or cereal from my office when i stopped by there early, so i had to buy breakfast out that day. i like to save breakfast buying for thursday or friday, but, what can you do?

but one thing that a friend suggested is that if i think of this week as an experiment, it isn’t a failure, because i got experimental data! and that data says: pushing too far, too fast, with un-breakfasty foods. so, without further ado:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. success!
  • pre-made breakfasts eaten: 1
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $2.98 technically–but i have 7 coconut milks and almost an entire box of puffins remaining.
  • time to prepare breakfasts for the week: 10 minutesish.
  • tastiness factor (scale where 1 is not tasty at ALL and 5 is exceptionally tasty): 4, as a snack food!






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