week 16: veggies and dip and puffins.

23 Jan

so this weekend i went away for anniversarication, and so i knew there would not be much time for breakfast making during the brief period when i was home and the kitchen was available on sunday, particularly since i had to prepare a crockpot meal for tomorrow night’s dinner! luckily, i had sort of prepared for this moment.

about a month ago, i went to deals and steals. this was endlessly exciting, because it is essentially the best store on earth! it’s overstock/damaged hippie foods. so along with the other amazing things i got, like seaweed and really cheap wheat gluten and chocolate and ponzu and lemon-infused olive oil, i got a box of puffins for 99 cents, and a package of mini so delicious coconut milks for $1.99, which amazon claims would normally cost like $11. (to clarify: this isn’t coconut milk like you would use in, for example, peanut sauce. it is sort of like that, really thinned out, with a bit of sweetener and a bunch of vitamins added–i think? but it’s definitely different.) upon buying, i decided to save them for a breakfast on a busy week. but they still don’t quite meet my nutritional requirements: coconut drink is good, but remarkably free of protein, and barbara’s fit the whole grain requirement but sorely lack fruit or vegetables. but i knew what i needed to do: i needed to make a veggie dip. but this isn’t as simple as it sounds.

why not? well, as i mentioned before, i have pretty strict mental rules around what constitutes breakfast. and those mental rules are pretty traditionalist. and traditionalism for breakfast does not include veggies and dip. but you know how they say necessity is the mother of invention? i think it also co-parents personal growth. so it’s a great week to push myself on my breakfast restrictions, since not doing so would be really hard, time-wise.

i had a lot of dairy this weekend, so i wanted to make sure to have a vegan breakfast. remember that french onion tofutti i used in the less than successful winter-break-ending rolls? there were still like 2 spoonfuls of that left, so i decided to make that the base of the dip–though i think this would be good without it, too.. i added most of a block of tofu, some lemon juice, a splash of olive oil, not enough nutritional yeast (i think i will add some more tonight!), and salt and pepper. i put it all in the blender and made it smooth. then, i separated it into two containers–a jar to leave at work for days where i start my mornings at the office, and a smaller container to bring with me on the mornings where my day begins at a school. i then made four baggies of veggies–snowpeas and baby carrots, neither of which we usually have, which i took as a sign!–and i was all set, since the puffins and coconut milk were already in my car.

paper cup of light and dark brown puffins cereal, glistening with coconut milk drink. next to it, a jar lid with creamy dip mounded in it, a snow pea and a carrot sticking out. both sit together on a napkin, atop a wood table.

half-assed, but could be way worse!

the outcome? well, i am not overly impressed with myself, but the whole process start to finish took about 10 minutes, so how high of a bar can i have?

  • breakfasts made: 4.
  • time spent: <10 minutes.
  • total cost: $2.98–and i will have plenty of puffins and coconut milk left at the end (my guess is i will use about half of each).






One Response to “week 16: veggies and dip and puffins.”

  1. NB January 23, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    Good job pushing yourself! I really love this quote:

    “you know how they say necessity is the mother of invention? i think it also co-parents personal growth.”

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