week 15: fancy egg sandwiches

17 Jan

so this week i was just feeling so unsure what to do for breakfasts. people have given me so many great ideas, but i just wasn’t feeling inspired, and was actually sort of dreading having to make breakfast. even though it’s a short week! which should make everything so easy!

then, i was with a friend at city feed monday morning, and i saw their day-old bread section–which, for a store that size, is prodigious. and as i looked through it for a snack, i found a bag of three day old bagels for the price of one. three! that’s how many breakfasts i need for the week! it’s a sign! so, i bought them and brought them home.

i remembered that my sister had gotten me an egg mold for one of my christmas presents (the list goes on!), and so i figured this was as good a time as any to use it.  my partner was cleaning out the ice cave (our non-self-defrosting freezer) today, and pulled out a container full of pesto i had made this summer. i  had some reusable elements from last night’s delicious dinner of creamy polenta, spinach-mushroom-caramelized onion melange, tomato sauce, and tempeh croutons. annnnnd, i’m off!

close shot of bagel on aluminum foil, with red spread on the underside, an eggy patty flecked with brown and green, and the hint of green spread on the top half of the bagel.

breakfast is served.

the tomato sauce is a take off on the marcella hazan recipe that everyone is so rightfully obsessed with. it’s so good. but, my constant inability to follow a recipe prevails, so here is what i do: heat butter or olive oil in a pan–i use way less than the recipe requests, so last night i put in about 2-3T for 56 oz of tomatoes. cut an onion in half. put it face down into the oil. cook it on medium low till it starts browning. once either the butter is brown or the onion is, put in diced tomatoes–i use 2 28-oz cans for my house, usually. let it cook for at least half an hour, but longer is better. once you can’t wait anymore, take out one half of the onion and blend the rest, with an immersion blender or a regular blender or a food processor or anything else you like. delicious, but for my sandwich i wanted something thicker. so i put some of the sauce (probably about 2/3 cup) into the 400 degree oven and let it cook till it reduced by 2/3, which took about 30 minutes for me.

the pesto was just regular basil based pesto, which i can almost promise i made with some cheaper nuts than pine nuts. walnuts? that seems likely. now, it’s slightly freezer burned, so slightly less good, but that’s the curse of the ice cave.

for the eggs, i mixed 3 eggs, 1/3 cup ricotta, lemon zest, salt, pepper, and some of the spinach-mushroom-onion dish from last night, whisked it up, and tried to cook it in the little egg round. truth: every picture advertising the egg round involves putting a regular fried egg in it. did i take that as some sort of usage hint? no, i did not? should i have? yes, i should have. that egg mixture went everywhere in the pan, but i was able to scoop it back up and put it back in the egg ring with the spatula. i covered the pan with a lid–also a risk because then i knocked into the little handle and also made the egg go everywhere. but i felt like i needed to cover the pan, given how much mixture i was pouring in–which might not happen with a regular fried egg. anyway, once i finally got a hang of it, it made really cute circular eggs! see?

a wood table, mostly circular egg patties on the front with brown and green flecks. behind the eggs, two ramekins of green and red spreads, and a small pile of bagels.

egg... circles? mostly? and the preparatory station.

i toasted the bagels, and then spread the tomato butter on one side, and the now-defrosted pesto on the other. it looked really good but i did not eat it, because then what would i eat this week? you’re welcome, future self.

two halves of a bagel on aluminum foil, the front half spread with an orange-red paste, the back with a green topping.   i think the tomato is way prettier.

and i ended up with delicious looking bagel egg sandwiches. i feel way better about breakfast than i did when i woke up on monday morning.

longer shot of bagel on large piece of aluminum foil, with red spread on the underside, an eggy patty flecked with brown and green, and the hint of green spread on the top half of the bagel. behind it, some bowls rest on a wood table.

i can totally do three days of this.

  • breakfasts made: 3.
  • time spent: <40 minutes.
  • total cost: $1.25, thanks to my impulse buy.




4 Responses to “week 15: fancy egg sandwiches”

  1. Shayn January 17, 2012 at 9:23 am #

    Awesome job! Tomato butter is so pretty!

  2. Carrie Ellingson-Klaege January 17, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    That’s looks super yum. Gonna have to copy.

  3. NB January 17, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    This looks like an awesome breakfast! So intrigued by your tomato butter invention!

  4. Amanda January 18, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    So pretty! Good job!

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