week 14: apple cake.

9 Jan

i see the questions already: apple cake? how does that fit the protein and whole grains and fruit or veggies rule?

i figure that the ways that it meets the last rule is a little self evident. and the answer to the first two rules is: i totally tore up the smitten kitchen recipe i based this off of. and just threw in my own ingredients. who is surprised? most likely: no one.

and, while it turned out really different, i will also say that i think it turned out awesome.

apple cake on a white plate, on a wooden table with a chair behind it.

apple cake in the sunlight

i definitely made this because it looked and sounded so good. but there were several things that gave me pause:

  • i wanted more protein,
  • i wanted less sugar,
  • i wanted more flavors, and
  • i wanted to use the slapchop my sister got me for christmas!

i totally made all those things happen.

i peeled and dug the bruises out of the 6 slightly aged apples we had around the house, and cut the cores out. then, into the slapchop they went!

white and black slap chop plastic chopper on a wooden table, in front of three bowls with apple parts.

slap choppppppp!

oh yes, there it is. i am still trying to figure out how to cut things into a moderate size–i can definitely mince with the best of them now, though, just by slamming my hand on the button! so i filled a bowl with the varying-sized apple pieces, some leftover whole cranberries from the new years party (yes, still running through the last of the tasty party detritus!), and some finely grated ginger.  i put all of them into a greased springform pan.

close up of apples and cranberries, with mostly small pieces of apples with a few slices sticking out.

apples so small they look like oatmeal.

for the batter, i combined 4 eggs, 1/3 cup of brown sugar, 5 tablespoons of stevia, 1/2 cup of almond flour, and 1/2 cup of whole wheat pastry flour.  i whisked everything but the flours together, then added them at the end. i’ll be real: i think it was too much stevia, and maybe i should have put the fruit on top. or mixed the fruit and the batter, either with or without tossing the fruit with flour first. but i didn’t. i poured the batter on top of the fruit.

i put it all in the 350 degree oven, and let it cook for about 55 minutes. it didn’t mix as well as i think it was supposed to. with larger pieces of fruit, the batter would have come down through the fruit, filling the holes and making a consistently-textured cake. but, as i said, a bunch of the fruit was minced. so i essentially made applesauce on the bottom of the cake. which is tasty, but sort of weird. it’s sort of like 3 levels: almond cake. almond-apple cake. applesauce.

verdict. delicious! and beautiful. just special and different.

browned, bubbly top, dense cake, over fruit and a reddish juice, on a white plate.

love it.

  • breakfasts made: 5.
  • time spent: 25 minutes of prep, then 55 minutes of cooking.
  • total cost: $0! though, for the sake of full disclosure, i did buy 3 apples for $1.95 because i didn’t want to use all of the house apples–but once i realized they were all bruised, i decided to use them, so the new apples i bought are just going to be my snacks throughout the week.




One Response to “week 14: apple cake.”

  1. Amanda January 9, 2012 at 9:12 am #

    Slapchop! I’m glad to see it’s getting good use.

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