week 13: omg-winter-break-is-over rolls.

3 Jan

whoops. it’s been a while.

i totally succeeded on the week 11 biscuits! then i went to indiana for fake christmas and have a post in the pipeline about that (hint: it’s relevant!). week 12,  i cleared out my leftover breakfasts bag, save one piece of quiche. i threw it out for the new year, bc it has been hanging around for a long time and if i wanted to eat it i would have already. but, 12 weeks of breakfasts with only one single meal wasted? not so bad.

last week was winter break. i suppose i technically met the criteria that week, since i didn’t buy breakfast out any day, but i also didn’t have to go to work so that’s not particularly impressive.

so that brings us to this week. week 13. literally a quarter of the year–and since my work year is 40 weeks, it will be a third of my work year!

i don’t even know how to describe the bizarro breakfast i made this week–but actually, it’s really tasty. you’ll have to trust me on that, because when you hear what i put in it you won’t be able to conceptualize what it would be like to eat it.

my goal in breakfast this week was to use up leftovers from winter break. these leftovers fell into two categories:

  1. special treats i had decided would make my break so much better… and then not eaten.
  2. food from my ridiculously fancy and food-filled new year’s eve party. like, this sort of fancy and food filled:

navy cardstock with colorful, stamped menu squares reading

so what i ended up narrowing the random foods down to was: one can of biscuit dough (special treat, or ST–more a treat because i love opening those cans than because i love the taste)), a quarter cup of sun-dried tomatoes (party prep leftovers, or PPL), about three ounces of goat cheese (PPL), half a tub of tofutti french onion soy cream cheese (PPL), maybe a third cup total of chopped basil and cilantro and parsley (PPL), a cup of shredded carrots (PPL), about a half cup of shredded seitan in a soy-rice vinegar flavor family (PPL), ten-ish crackers (PPL), and a half cup of spinach (ST). also, two eggs, which were neither PPL or ST, and were just eggs, which we always have around.

after preheating the oven to 350, i crushed up the crackers and mixed everything but the biscuit dough in a bowl. then i rolled out the dough onto greased parchment paper, and smeared the mixture from the bowl on top. total honesty: i should probably have put in less. it was way too full, and pretty hard to roll. but i didn’t.  i left about 1″ on a long side uncovered with the mixture, so that i could seal the roll up. then, i started rolling–i rolled toward the uncovered portion. had i rolled going the other direction (leaving a short side uncovered and rolling toward it), i would have had fewer, but larger, rolls, so either one works.

i moistened the uncovered edge and pressed it to the rest of the roll. i put it seam side down and started cutting (i used the same parchment to cook it on to reduce waste). i cut it into nine rolls.

it looks pretty good, right?

cinnamon-roll-like pastry overstuffed with green and orange filling, browned on the edges, on aluminum foil

and the thing is, it tastes good. but weirdly good. it tastes like an appetizer someone would bring to christmas. and it tastes like it is FULL of bacon bits. which–look up there!–it is not. i am not convinced that it tastes like more than the sum of its parts, because its parts? were awesome. but it tastes like a different food entirely. it is creamy, and the carrots stayed crunchy and have a bite to them. the biscuit has a slight crisp but is also soft inside. you can’t taste the spinach even, but the texture is so smooth from it. and the seitan keeps it a little chewy.

seriously, i don’t know what happened with this food. but, i’m totally into it!

  • breakfasts made: 4, which is good since it’s a short week (monday holiday!)
  • time spent: seriously it was SO QUICK. 10 minutes of prep, 20 minutes of cooking (including 5 minutes of cleaning), 3 minutes of packing.
  • total cost: initial costs of these ingredients were probably pretty pricey, but i just wanted to use leftovers! the biscuit dough was $1.59, and i used the whole package, so i’ll count that.

starting off 2012 on track!






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