week 11: stuffed biscuit!

12 Dec

this week feels like a milestone. when i was initially trying to take on the breakfast project, a bunch of people suggested some sort of bread product stuffed with things. i felt like, “well, obviously that would be ideal, but that’s way too impressive for me to do. mayyyybe i could start with some sort of breakfast wrap.”

and now? i totally made a bread product stuffed with things.

i made a delicious filling in a whole-wheat biscuit dough. this is how:

first, i cut and caramelized a red onion in some olive oil. i cut it super thin on a mandoline so it would cook as fast as possible. see?

thinly sliced red onions in glistening olive oil, scattered over the bottom of a cast iron pot

while that was cooking, i minced several handfuls of arugula (we have arugula a lot; what can i say? you could use any green, especially a less hearty one. baby spinach?). i also chopped some pickled chard stems (use yr favorite pickle–we have so many pickled vegetables that i really just rotate through them), and then i mixed up some soysage magic. to do that, i took half a package of gimmelean–but you could use yr favorite fake sausage–added some maple syrup, put in some of that mushroom leek powder i made, and crushed in a clove of garlic. i then cooked the soysage mix on the side of the onions–which just ended up cooking them the rest of the way through, since i have no patience for caramelization.

sidenote: let me pause for a minute to tell you how i like to cook soysage when i ultimately want it to be crumbly. i make one giant patty, and sear both sides. once both sides are browned, i chop it all up with a spatula and cook it, stirring often, for the next 5 minutes or so. i think it cooks it evenly.

anyway, while all this was cooking i made the biscuit dough. i essentially used this recipe, but with ww pastry flour. i want to thoroughly apologize for its name. i rolled it out to about .5″ thick, and cut out pretty large circles–about 3.5″ diameter. i cut 12 of these circles. i filled 6 of them with all of the filling, which i mixed up at the last minute. i put a small scoop of cream cheese on the top–which, incidentally, is the only non-vegan part of this meal–and could very easily be substituted with tofutti or something similar. i moistened the edges of the biscuit bottoms and patted the tops down.

off white biscuit dough piled with brown and green filling, on parchment lined baking sheet. behind it, domed covered biscuits, and behind those, the detritus of the kitchen: olive oil bottles, utensils and holders, etc.

i then baked them at 400 for about 15 minutes. i dropped one on the ground after it came out, which was very sad because it broke open–so if you make these, be warned.

here is my complaint: the cream cheese didn’t turn into a sauce like i wanted:

cooked stuffed biscuit sliced in half, on the side of a blue and white plate, filling is brown and green with a dollop of white cream cheese on top.

if i were going to do it again, i might cut it into tiny chunks, or else just mix it in with the warm filling and let it coat it that way. but otherwise? AWESOME.
if i were going to do it again, i might cut it into tiny chunks, or else just mix it in with the warm filling and let it coat it that way. but otherwise? AWESOME.

  • breakfasts made: 5. would have been six, but see the sad news above about dropping it. shayn ate it, though, which was very generous of him.
  • time spent: an hour, but worth it i think.
  • total cost: half of a $3.69 pack of gimmelean. otherwise, all items found around the house.




2 Responses to “week 11: stuffed biscuit!”

  1. Amanda December 12, 2011 at 9:18 am #

    I want to eat these! (But not off the floor.) 11 WEEKS! That’s almost 3 months! So good!

  2. Shayn December 13, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    It was pretty damn tasty, even the parts salvaged from the floor. Proud at you!

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