week 10: quinoa carrot muffins and twice baked tofu.

5 Dec

so the question at hand this week was: is there a reason that people don’t make twice baked tofu? and tempeh? because we had some leftover tofu and tempeh that had been cooked with just some olive oil and garlic and lemon and salt and pepper. and i wanted fake bacon. it felt doable. remarinade, recook, and, drumroll please… it totally worked!

small pile of browned, thinly sliced tofu. the haphazardly cut and slightly crumbling edges are browner than the khaki center.

how i made it: i put some olive and canola oil in an 8 oz jar, added some apple cider vinegar, some soy sauce, and two or three drops of liquid smoke flavoring. really, don’t put more than a couple of drops in–it is so strong! but those couple of drops will change everything. you can get it all sorts of places, including the grocery store sometimes. mine is from deals and steals in northampton, the happiest place on earth! anyway, i filled the jar the rest of the way with water to thin it out, shook it up, and poured it all over the tofu and tempeh. i marinated it for a couple of hours, then baked it at 450 for 10-15 min. i then switched it to broil for another 5 minutes. when it came out, it was deliciously salty and smoky, and also the tofu was slightly chewy in a really pleasant way. the tempeh was a little more crisped up.

but clearly that is not sufficient for breakfast for me. so i used a recipe i have been eyeing for several weeks, the carrot quinoa muffins from fresh365. it’s a good blog if you have a csa in boston, because i am pretty sure that the author does, too, so even though the recipes are sometimes infrequent, they are always totally relevant! but clearly i couldn’t actually follow a recipe, so i made some changes: i replaced the butter with half olive oil and half coconut oil. i reduced the sugar by almost half. i left out the walnuts because i don’t like them. i overcooked the quinoa to make it a little softer. i used yogurt i had forgotten to strain, so it was definitely not greek yogurt consistency. i used entirely whole wheat pastry flour. but otherwise, i kept it pretty much the same. even with these changes, they were moist and really sweet and a good, sort of light texture. but, the truth is, they taste like quinoa. not so much i won’t eat them, but more than i wish they did given that i don’t love quinoa’s flavor. i would make them again, but maybe with millet? i love the taste of millet.

close up angled view of silver muffin tin with all 12 cups full. Each cup has a blue and white gingham cupcake liner, full nearly to the top with raw shredded vegetables, including greens and roots.

  • breakfasts made: 4. i ran out of tofu and tempeh, since it was left over from dinner.
  • time spent:  probably close to an hour, but spread out over longer–started marinading when i was making breakfast, came back and randomly remembered to strain the yogurt, made everything, let things cool for an unnecessarily long time,etc.
  • total cost: free!
  • answer as to why no one makes twice-baked tofu: a dearth of creativity, or laziness. because the taste and texture are excellent.

overall: hopefully this breakfast is a winner! i am very hopeful.




2 Responses to “week 10: quinoa carrot muffins and twice baked tofu.”

  1. Amanda December 5, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Another great job! I’m proud of you– TEN WEEKS! Also, I am scared of the broiler. Can you help me overcome this fear? I have this concern that it will set my house aflame.

  2. rachhs2 December 5, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    Twice baked tofu. You are a genius… Can’t wait to try it…

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