week 9 update

2 Dec

you know what next week is? week 10.  and i have been consistently successful. i feel like i am getting really back on track. i haven’t even spent money on the breakfasts that i make in weeks. not that i thought i would be bad at this, but i thought i would be more erratic than i have proven to be.

in this upcoming week i am planning to take on a new challenge: reappropriation of house dinner leftovers into breakfast. i have two potential ideas of what i might use, depending on what is eaten by the time i get home. i don’t think i want to make that the plan for every week, but i am sort of into the work of making something dinnery feel breakfasty–because while i love eating breakfast for dinner, i do not love eating dinner for breakfast.

the week’s numbers:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. SUCCESS!
  • breakfasts made: 4. this is amazing because on two mornings, i went into work really late and usually would have made a breakfast besides the one i normally bring to work–but it was that tasty that i wanted to eat it every morning anyway, albeit accompanied by toast when at home. SUCCESS!
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $0! at least in terms of new costs, since everything was already bought, either by the house or by my extravagant, fresh-herb-using family. SUCCESS!
  • time to prepare breakfasts for the week: less than 15 minutes to prep–which did not include time to spray the muffin liners but should have. ah, regrets. 15-20 to bake. so overall, 30ish minutes. SUCCESS!
  • tastiness factor (scale where 1 is not tasty at ALL and 5 is exceptionally tasty): 4.5. this was way better than i expected. MODERATE SUCCESS!

it’s stunning how much better something tastes when you put huge amounts of fresh herbs in it. this week was good.





addendum: i meant to mention, i really felt the lack of grains in this because i got hungry way faster. i think i need to make sure that i really do get some sort of carbs in the morning as well as protein and veggies!

One Response to “week 9 update”

  1. Shayn December 2, 2011 at 8:02 am #

    way to go! (and those herbs made my dinner night much awesomer too!)

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