week 9: egg muffins. also, week 7 update, and week 8!

28 Nov

well, it seems i have gotten a bit distracted from the blog. i blame thanksgiving. but you know what i haven’t gotten distracted on? my goal of only buying breakfast once a week! i have now been successful on that for EIGHT STRAIGHT WEEKS. for reals. i am quite impressed. last week (week 8), that only entailed bringing breakfast one day, because i bought bfast on monday, had a late start at work on tuesday so ate at home, brought in a bagel from home on wednesday, and then was on vacay for thursday and friday! but now i’m back to a regular week, and need to get focused again.

i made egg muffins for this week. they differ from the quinoa quichey thing i made before in a few respects: 1) they are individual, 2) they have cheese, not quinoa, making a crust on the bottom, 3) they are mostly veggies, with egg just binding them together.

close up angled view of silver muffin tin with all 12 cups full. Each cup has a blue and white gingham cupcake liner, full nearly to the top with raw shredded vegetables, including greens and roots.
see? lots of veggies.

to make them, i surveyed the pre-thanksgiving and thanksgiving salvage situation. there was a serving or two of a root veggie and apple slaw that i had made the previous week (which i described in the comments here, actually), a bunch of herbs that i brought back from my family’s thanksgiving, a partial bag of frozen spinach, and a lot of leftovers that were less vegetabley, like tofu from 2 weeks ago and casserole. so, the first three items seemed like my best bets.

first, i preheated the oven to 350ish. next, i ran hot water over the spinach to defrost it, then wrung it out in a towel so that it wouldn’t be too liquidy. i chopped a lot of cilantro, and some pickled turnips, and put them in with the root veggie slaw, then added the spinach. i shredded some cheese, and dropped a bit in the bottom of each muffin cup–just enough to cover it.

then, i filled each cup with the mixed veggies. as you can see, i went all out. the veggies are pretty densely packed in there, too. a muffin cup isn’t huge, but it holds about a half cup–so, since my plan is to eat two a day, that’s starting out with almost a cup of vegetables (and one egg), which i feel good about.

at this point i started to worry i hadn’t left enough space for eggs. but you know what liquids are good at? getting into the cracks left by solids. so i mixed up six eggs with a couple of tablespoons of whole wheat pastry flour (which you could probably leave out or sub in gluten-free flour for), a splash of yogurt, my celery salt that i love so much, some mushroom-leek powder i had made, and black pepper. i poured a little into each cup.

i put them in the oven, let them go until they were browned and looked pretty done (about 15-20 minutes), and then, voila! all finished! it’s convenient because since i used muffin liners, i didn’t even have to clean out the pan. which means i dirtied a grater, a towel, a knife, and a cutting board, and otherwise used the tupperware that the root veggie slaw was already in. i think that this recipe is such a good way to use up the odds and ends of things, and those random parts of your farm share.

close up of two cooked muffins still in the tin, shiny and eggy on the top with lots of browned shredded veggies and bright greens.

they turned out so pretty!

  • breakfasts made: 5.
  • time spent:  half an hour or so? really quick. also i was making a potluck dish while it was cooking, so that’s almost like free time!
  • total cost: free!

question: do people have good ideas for easy to reheat proteiny vegan breakfasts that i can make from scratch? i feel annoyed about the level to which i am depending on eggs, but all my alternative ideas are expensive!

also, in case anyone is wondering what i eat for lunch, i took a picture of it, mostly bc the jars make it look so pretty and so hippie at the same time:
two wide mouth mason jars, one full of a creamy substance and the other of dark green salad. a satsuma orange sits in front of them, all on a white stove.

it’s remixed soup from last night, lemon garlic potato with extra soymilk, kale salad, and a satsuma.  not shown: an wide-mouth quart sized mason jar of ice water, and some blueberries, also from tgiving refuse. lunch is way easier than breakfast because it is pretty much always leftovers from the night before, plus fruit!




2 Responses to “week 9: egg muffins. also, week 7 update, and week 8!”

  1. Amanda November 28, 2011 at 9:28 am #

    I can’t help you on the vegan breakfast, but I am so proud of you for doing this for 8 weeks! And no need to shun you. You are doing a great job, and I think your breakfasts are getting prettier and prettier every week!

  2. Shayn November 28, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    Good job!

    Re vegan breakfasts: is the problem that vegan proteins need reheating? You could go for cold things like lettuce wraps or faux-chicken salad, made with your soy- or gluten-based protein of choice. No reheating necessary. You could also do like you used to with instant oatmeal in a jar, but use TVP and some savory seasonings and make breakfast chili or something that you could heat in a microwave or just pour hot water over. There’s probably some repository of vegan recipes for camping/hiking that would be good inspiration for that kind of thing. (but, for real, you know how I feel about eggs vs. all those other things)

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