week 6: leftover mosaic!

7 Nov

like i mentioned, i went to indiana this weekend for a wedding of friends and general high school reuning. it was really great–but i got back to the house at 8:30 last night, and was not interested in making a bunch of breakfasts. but! i had a plan!

every week i have been making 5 breakfasts–but i only eat four of them. so in my breakfast bag (a gallon size freezer ziploc), i have a series of breakfast overages. at this point, since it’s been 5 weeks, i should have more than enough. but, there was that week i just ate random banana muffins, and that week my sandwich fell on the ground. but last week i made two extra breakfasts. so that means that this week, i have:

  • 1 apple pie, that i can put some house yogurt on (though i may or may not strain it);
  • 1 breakfast wrap, which happens to actually be in the freezer at work already in case of emergency;
  • 2 quinoa crust egg bakes, one of which i ate today to get it out of the way.
brief, slightly behavior analytic explanation of why i did this after the jump!
so, if you use getting to not do something as the reinforcer for doing it, you start changing the value of the activity for the worse. so, if you get to earn no spelling class on friday for doing awesome in spelling class all week, you are teaching that spelling class is something that everyone will want to get out of, and eventually it starts to make spelling class less positive, and can shift it over to a punisher. so i did not want to say, “oh, i did so good at breakfast for 5 weeks! now i get to buy breakfast all week!” but, at the same time, i wanted to build in a breather–so i figured out a way to both bring homemade breakfast and not have to stress about making breakfast when i didn’t have a lot of time, when i had been doing so well at it.
another thing i am excited about is a week of variety! i will get to have something different every day (except the one repeat quinoa bake day). variety has not been very well built into this system–i can’t figure out how to do that better, due to limited storage space. so this week will be nice, i think, to eat so many diverse things, with some sweet and some savory.
  • breakfasts made: 0 in the short term, 4 in the long term that i already accounted for!
  • time spent:  none in the short term! i don’t know how to quantify in the long term, but, again, already accounted for.
  • total cost*: free in the short term! i guess about a dollar in the long term?
* i am counting total cost above and beyond the foods we already have around for house staples, which i already paid for as part of my house expenses, and won’t change how much i spend a week or a month.
i feel excited about this! does it seem like a cop-out to make a blog post with no food or recipes?

2 Responses to “week 6: leftover mosaic!”

  1. Shayn November 7, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Brilliant plan! Also, I don’t think this post is a cop-out, but you could put together a picture mosaic of all the previous breakfasts for these retrospective weeks…Just a thought.

  2. rachhs2 November 7, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    I love this plan! I hope the variety works. That would be the hardest part for me. Can’t wait to see whats next.

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