week 5 update

4 Nov

so, first to answer the much-asked question: the quinoa crust was pretty great. it tasted a little bit nutty and toasty, but really, didn’t taste like much–the texture was the awesome part. it pulled me through the week. turns out fritatta might be a bad call for me for a whole week. but i made it. i had two days where i got to go into work really late this week, which helped pull me through. the first of those two days, i made some nice oatmeal. see?

an orange bowl on light wood grain, filled partway with oatmeal with chunks of unpeeled apples, with a metal spoon on the side of the bowl.

the saving grace: oatmeal. who would have guessed?

half a cup of oats, a cup of soymilk, a roughly chopped apple, some cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg, a splash of maple syrup, a bit of earth balance, a pinch of salt. it was so warm in this cavernously cold new england fall, and was really tasty, too.

and then on thursday, my other late day, i had a morning experience of butternut squash quickbread and an autumn latte (decaf, soy, pumpkin pie spices and apple cider) from ula cafe, which is great not just for amazing food but also for it’s constant state of being populated by people i like! so that was also nice.

and it all gave me enough of a break to make it through to friday.

so, this week’s stats:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. SUCCESS!
  • breakfasts made: 4. SUCCESS!
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $0! every ingredient was again something that we already had around the house. SUCCESS!
  • time to prepare breakfasts for the week: one project runway season finale, including breaks!
  • tastiness factor (scale where 1 is not tasty at ALL and 5 is exceptionally tasty): 3. i mean, i think if i could be objective, i might say 4–it actually tasted quite good. but my fritatta fatigue appears to be more extreme than i had initially assessed. so maybe a 4 for tastiness and a 2 for excitingness–but with no excitingness scale, i guess it would be an overall 3. MODERATE SUCCESS!
overall–this week was okay. and i am really excited to tell you all what my plan for next week is! i think it’s a little awesome.

3 Responses to “week 5 update”

  1. catswym November 4, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

    I don’t know, it might be just your apartment that is cavernously cold. Also, I feel like it is a little unfair to call the cost $0 because, obviously, those ingredients were bought with money? (or is that wrong–are these all scavenged items?)

    BUT, I think this is quite a success esp given that you weren’t around last weekend! It would be easy to use that as an excuse to not make breakfast but you didn’t do that! That is quite an accomplishment in my book.

  2. eliz November 4, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    Re: apartment, fair enough. The no insulation in the walls + ethics of energy conservation is a rough combo.
    But the cost is fair I think! Maybe I should post it every wk since I only said it in the initial post, but my goal is to spend less than $5 above and beyond house staples/food. And so the $0 is spending of my personal $$–part of my reason for undertaking this was to help me to use the house food system better. I am great at eating house dinner and then leftovers for lunch, but I wanted to try to stop spending extra $$ on bfast, since I paid for this food whether I use it or not!
    But, you are right that it’s obvs not absolute zero. Any ideas how to quickly summarize that in the stats section? Xo

  3. catswym November 7, 2011 at 10:27 am #

    no ideas, but after I posted that I vaguely recalled that you had said something like that. And yay, leftovers this week. I am a big fan of leftovers.

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