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week 9: egg muffins. also, week 7 update, and week 8!

28 Nov

well, it seems i have gotten a bit distracted from the blog. i blame thanksgiving. but you know what i haven’t gotten distracted on? my goal of only buying breakfast once a week! i have now been successful on that for EIGHT STRAIGHT WEEKS. for reals. i am quite impressed. last week (week 8), that only entailed bringing breakfast one day, because i bought bfast on monday, had a late start at work on tuesday so ate at home, brought in a bagel from home on wednesday, and then was on vacay for thursday and friday! but now i’m back to a regular week, and need to get focused again.

i made egg muffins for this week. they differ from the quinoa quichey thing i made before in a few respects: 1) they are individual, 2) they have cheese, not quinoa, making a crust on the bottom, 3) they are mostly veggies, with egg just binding them together.

close up angled view of silver muffin tin with all 12 cups full. Each cup has a blue and white gingham cupcake liner, full nearly to the top with raw shredded vegetables, including greens and roots.
see? lots of veggies.

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week 7: kitchen sink baked oatmeal

14 Nov

this week i decided to finally make the baked oatmeal i have been dreaming of, but failing to actually cook, for weeks. i hybridized a bunch of recipes, and used things we randomly had around, to create a very tasty oatmeal casserole.

i wanted something hearty and tasty, sweet but not too sweet, as proteiny as i could make it without turning it gross. my goal is for my breakfasts to keep me full for 3.5 hours (getting to work time till 11, which i have arbitrarily named snack time), and oatmeal is classically known for being the definition of stick-to-yr-ribs. this seemed like a good starting point.

and, look! it turned out!

white plate on wood table, with a metal fork and a square-ish piece of oatmeal casserole. raisins and dried cranberries dot the top, which looks to be covered with muesli, and a couple of pieces of baked apple poke out from the side.

it’s hearty and delicious!

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week 6 update

12 Nov

well, i somehow managed to massively mis-estimate how many breakfasts i would need for this week, and ended up needing 2: leftover apple pie (which it turns out, shayn had randomly strained some yogurt, so it was just like my initial eating of it) and leftover quinoa egg bake.

i forgot that friday was a holiday, and then i didn’t have to go in till the afternoon on tuesday. add in a bought breakfast day, and that’s more exceptions than rules!

but, without further ado, this week’s stats:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. SUCCESS!
  • breakfasts made: 3, one of which i ate at home because i had such a long morning. SUCCESS!
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $0! at least in terms of new costs, since everything was already made. SUCCESS!
  • time to prepare breakfasts for the week: 0 minutes, since everything was already made. SUCCESS!
  • tastiness factor (scale where 1 is not tasty at ALL and 5 is exceptionally tasty): 3.5, between the egg bake and the apple pie. MODERATE SUCCESS!
and i know this update post is a little bit late–but as i write it, my week 7 breakfast is in the oven, so, you know. i’m really impressive.

week 6: leftover mosaic!

7 Nov

like i mentioned, i went to indiana this weekend for a wedding of friends and general high school reuning. it was really great–but i got back to the house at 8:30 last night, and was not interested in making a bunch of breakfasts. but! i had a plan!

every week i have been making 5 breakfasts–but i only eat four of them. so in my breakfast bag (a gallon size freezer ziploc), i have a series of breakfast overages. at this point, since it’s been 5 weeks, i should have more than enough. but, there was that week i just ate random banana muffins, and that week my sandwich fell on the ground. but last week i made two extra breakfasts. so that means that this week, i have:

  • 1 apple pie, that i can put some house yogurt on (though i may or may not strain it);
  • 1 breakfast wrap, which happens to actually be in the freezer at work already in case of emergency;
  • 2 quinoa crust egg bakes, one of which i ate today to get it out of the way.
brief, slightly behavior analytic explanation of why i did this after the jump!

week 5 update

4 Nov

so, first to answer the much-asked question: the quinoa crust was pretty great. it tasted a little bit nutty and toasty, but really, didn’t taste like much–the texture was the awesome part. it pulled me through the week. turns out fritatta might be a bad call for me for a whole week. but i made it. i had two days where i got to go into work really late this week, which helped pull me through. the first of those two days, i made some nice oatmeal. see?

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