week 3: egg and goat cheese breakfast sandwiches, with dino kale!

17 Oct

so for week 3, i had a lofty goal of making dough and putting filling in it. but, that was quickly replaced with laziness and realism, and the recognition that i had some english muffins that were near the end of their lives. i changed my plan to something way easier: breakfast sandwiches!

first, the stats: 
  • breakfasts made: 5.
  • time spent:  50 minutes.
  • total cost: i can’t decide whether i should count the muffins? so, with muffins: $1.99 for muffins + $1 for kale + $1 for parsley + $1 for leeks =  $4.99, 0r $3 without english muffins.
then, the description/”recipe.”

amazing, hearty breakfast, right?

egg, goat cheese, and greens breakfast sandwich.

i ovendried some grape tomatoes to freeze this weekend, so i had to figure out some way to integrate them into my breakfast because i was really excited. i was potentially a bit overzealous with making something up to put them in.
cheese spread:
i combined 1/2 cup goat cheese, 1 cup light cottage cheese, and a handful of chopped olives and sun-dried tomatoes. do whatever it takes to blend them: i used an immersion blender, though a real blender or food processor would probably work just as well. if you can do it with no mechanical supports, you’re better than i am at this.
eggs and greens:
i sauteed 3 baby leeks (so cute!) in some olive oil, and added 8 eggs that i had whisked with 1/2 cup yogurt and a pinch of pepper and homemade celery salt (i told you that i was obsessed). i also put in one bunch of chifonnaded dinosaur kale, the still-good-enough chifonnaded leaves of a bunch of arugula, and about 1/4 c chopped parsley. i let all of it cook until it was cooked through and mixed in well.
i took a picture of my assembly station, so you could get a sense of how committed i am to making this as efficient as possible:

all lined up, ready for filling!

whole wheat english muffins, split and ready to be filled, on their foil, ready to be wrapped, with the egg mixture and cheese mixture in the back, ready to be spread!
i didn’t toast the muffins, though looking back i’m wondering if i should have. i guess that will become pretty clear on the first day and i will either come to regret my choice or applaud myself for saving an unnecessary step!
i piled the egg and green mixture on one side of the muffin, and spread the goat cheese mixture on the other.

so many greens! so tasty!

then, i stacked the sides together, wrapped them in foil, and put them together in a bag to freeze and use all week. i hope they taste as good as i think they will!

2 Responses to “week 3: egg and goat cheese breakfast sandwiches, with dino kale!”

  1. MBP October 23, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

    That looks so delicious! At the Shaws up on the American Legion Highway, Thomas English Muffins are on sale 2 for 1. So now I’m flush with English Muffins and intend to eat this sandwich. Nomnomonomnomnomnom.

    • eliz October 24, 2011 at 12:29 am #

      i like the s&s 100% ww ones bc they are surprisingly soft and $1.99 each when not on sale, and $1.00 per pack when on sale! they feel like such a nice treat, because when i am not eating an english muffin i forget how happy i am when i am eating one!

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