week 1: breakfast wrap

5 Oct

last week i put some yogurt and jam and oats in jars and ate it. it was okay, but that was not sustainable. i didn’t love it. so this week, i decided to try something more exciting: breakfast wraps.

the wrap from the outside, after three days of freezing

on sunday morning, i made a huge amount of eggs–almost a dozen! i cooked the eggs with ricotta and tomatoes, and set up a serious staging area.

i laid out each tortilla on a piece of foil, smeared a little bit of the last of our cream cheese on them, and put on a layer of chopped arugula from our farm share. i shredded a little bit of cheddar onto each, that i probably should have distributed better than i did because there are definitely cheese pockets and cheese-less bits. once the eggs were done, i scooped some onto each tortilla, sprinkled on some fresh chives and some homemade celery salt (my new obsession!), and rolled them up into the foil.

i put all the wraps in a freezer bag and somehow fit them into the freezer, and every night when i am packing my lunch i take one out and put it in my bag to defrost. easy peasy! and then, once i heat it, it gets all tasty and melty:

everything holds up pretty well. and look, a cheese pocket!

so, i succeeded in making and, thus far, bringing breakfast every day, but how is it really going? what’s working with the wraps? what’s not? i would like to discuss that using the pluses/deltas model of pros and cons that too many meetings and workshops and trainings i have been to use.


  • taste!  the flavor profile is pretty awes. i thank the chives for that.
  • heartiness! i am full for a while after i eat them. it’s a 8″ tortilla, which was not what i wanted–i wanted a 10″ one–but it actually is a pretty great size.
  • convenience! i can either put the wrap in the toaster oven before i brush my teeth, if i think of it, and it’s ready to go when i leave, or i can just put it in the microwave once i get to work, and either way it’s fast and easy.
  • texture. the inside texture is okay, but the tortilla is not everything i have dreamed of. i worry this might be because i am taking it out of the freezer the night before. but the tortilla is almost gummy, which is pretty nast.
  • poorly washed arugula. whoops, my bad. not much to do about that now.
overall, a solid first effort.
total days taken lunch this week: 3/3, so far.

4 Responses to “week 1: breakfast wrap”

  1. Omer October 5, 2011 at 1:19 pm #

    I’d go for breakfast pockets made with phyllo dough (there is whole wheat phyllo dough too!). They’re defrosting better and I think it’s more fun to eat.

  2. gettingbetteraboutbreakfast October 5, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    i love that idea. where would i find whole wheat phyllo dough? i could make a tofu/spinach/nuch sort of spanikopita situation.


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