getting better about breakfast: the origin story

5 Oct


so i used to be really good about not buying breakfast in the morning. i work on a school schedule, and at the end of last school year i started slipping from my once-or-MAYBE-twice-a-week breakfast buying into two-or-maybe-three-or-four-or-OKAY-JUST-THIS-ONE-TIME-I-CAN-DO-FIVE-times-a-week breakfast buying. “it’s okay!” i told myself. “i have the summer to break the habit, and once i start at work in the fall, i’ll do great again!”

well, it’s october. does anyone see where this story is going?

so yes, i was buying breakfast at least four days a week for the first few weeks of the school year. “i need to stop this,” i thought. “i will have some oatmeal.”

this is not the actual oatmeal i tried. but you get the picture

i always have oatmeal on hand (trader joe’s protein plus maple and brown sugar, usually), so it was an easy attempt. but, despite really liking oatmeal usually, it felt gross to me. so i needed a new strategy.

i went to facebook for ideas, and my friends delivered. some of what i will be talking about will be ideas from them, some will be from the billions of breakfast ideas i have tagged on my google reader, and some will be other things i am trying.

these are my priorities for the food:

  • can be prepared in advance. i want zero prep time in the morning. i can throw something in the microwave once i get to work, but i am not going to wake up more than two minutes earlier than i already do, literally.
  • ideally, can be prepared over the weekend for a whole week. it’s really likely that by tuesday evening i will get tired of doing prep, so it’s good to not run that risk.
  • has vegetarian protein in it. if i don’t have protein with my breakfast, i feel hungry pretty quickly. which on weekends is fine sometimes, like if i really want pancakes, but not when i am working. i don’t have time for that shit!
  • is tasty and interesting. because you know whose breakfasts are tasty and interesting? ula cafe’s. and they are so close to home! or even starbucks or dunkin donuts, sort of, and they are so close to work! so i need the food i am trying to get myself to eat to compete with it.

this is the ula bakery case i have to compete with! veggie strata not shown.

and these are my guidelines for what i am trying to do:
  • eat not-bought breakfast for all but one workday breakfast weekly. i want to give myself some flexibility so that i can meet the goals. one exception to this rule is that i can add one extra breakfast per week if i have a gift card and i really want it! but otherwise, no. (also, the reason i didn’t say “four times a week on work days” is for holiday weeks, weeks where my work schedule is weird, etc.)
  • spend $5 or less on the making-breakfast supplies. this is way easier than it could be because i live in a co-op, so i will be trying to use the things we already have around as much as possible.
  • post an update once a week about that week’s breakfast choices, and success or lack thereof! and then, if you have any ideas, you can tell me them! either for things i should make or for why i am failing or anything else!
so, that said: let’s do this!

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