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week 5: quinoa egg bake

31 Oct

so, as i mentioned, this weekend i went to indiana, so i had less of an opportunity for breakfast making. but! i could not be swayed! i made breakfast anyway, which feels like a giant success.

i decided to use the kripalu quinoa egg bake recipe, but, because i can’t leave well enough alone, it ended up looking pretty different. i found the recipe because when i was asking on facebook for make-ahead breakfast ideas, someone linked to the baked oatmeal recipe–which i want to make even more, but we only have steel cut oats right now and it felt like it would take forever that way, and might require pre-soaking. a project for another day!

but i think this will get me through the week:

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week 4 update

28 Oct

i have some very good news to report. this week was a total success. let’s do the math:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. SUCCESS!
  • breakfasts made: 4. SUCCESS!
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $0! every ingredient was something that we already had around the house. SUCCESS!
  • time to prepare breakfasts for the week: 1 hour 5 minutes– but only 25 minutes were active time. the rest was waiting for the pie to finish baking. so, RELATIVE SUCCESS!
  • tastiness factor (scale where 1 is not tasty at ALL and 5 is exceptionally tasty): 4. i would have given it higher, but i don’t think i ground the steel cut oats enough and they were sort of shard-y. which was undesirable. but still, overall: SUCCESS!
this weekend (in a few hours!) i am going to indiana, and will not be back until sunday. i have what i think is a really good plan, though, for breakfast-preparation–and even a good plan for NEXT weekend’s indiana trip’s breakfast prep. no promises, but i am hopeful. i think that having a clear strategy is half the battle.
thank you for reading and for being so posi! remember: social support when i do well, social shaming when i do poorly! (eta: my apparently very hostile sister mentioned that if i don’t want people to essentially shun me “like the amish” then i should clarify that i mean more like social scolding. don’t be really mean.)

week 4: apple pie and yogurt!

24 Oct

so, as some of you may have seen on facebook, i made a discovery last week that, as someone who loves crumble topping, has already changed my life: you can make pie crust out of crumble topping.  i mean, it’s not like i didn’t know about press-in crusts before, but i had never thought of making a press crust with crumble topping and then putting more crumble topping on the top. it’s like a double-sided crisp. brilliant.

i made this breakthrough while making an apple-caramel pie–which was so delicious, but not very breakfasty for me. but i had started missing sweet breakfasts, so i decided that i would figure out how to make this pie revolution breakfastable. reducing the amount of sugar seemed really easy–i can’t start my day with that much sugar and still feel full two hours later–but i couldn’t figure out what to do to get protein in. then, i was given the brilliant suggestion of straining yogurt and using it like whipped cream.

and the rest is history.

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week 3 update, end of the week

23 Oct

okay, final count, i brought breakfast that i made every day! but thanks to wednesday’s unfortunate mishap, that’s not reflected in the week’s final numbers. so:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. SUCCESS!
  • breakfasts made: 4. SUCCESS!
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $3-$4.99, depending on how you count it. SUCCESS!
i feel pretty impressed with myself for being pretty on track for three consecutive weeks. also, i will be gone for the next two weekends in a row, and am already worried about how i will do with making breakfast in advance those weeks. and while worrying isn’t productive, i think it’s a good sign that it’s something that i am considering!
tomorrow begins week 4, and my first week trying sweet, not savory, breakfast.

week 3 update, midweek

20 Oct

i have a very sad story to share.

so, because i knew the goat cheese mixture on my sandwich would be so salty, i didn’t salt the egg/greens mixture very well. turns out, that was a bad idea, and it made me less excited about the sandwich.

but i pressed on, and yesterday i really worked hard to convince myself to heat up my sandwich in the toaster oven and bring it to work. so far, the sad part hasn’t happened. anyway, i was in the car, and i had eaten two bites of my breakfast. i put the sandwich back in the aluminum foil, on the passengers seat–the foil was almost like a cup. here comes the sad part–you ready?

my fucking sandwich fell on the floor of my car. open, with both faces against the ground.

but i had worked so hard to convince myself to eat it! and i was going to get to buy breakfast the next day! but clearly i couldn’t eat it at this point, so i bought breakfast on wednesday.

when i got home, shayn suggested that i put a slice of the american cheese he had just made on the sandwich to increase the flavorfulness. which i did for this morning, and it was SO MUCH BETTER.

so i can totally push through one more day with this  breakfast. and i already have some ideas for next week! we’ll see how that goes. so far i have been following the letter of the guidelines but not being successfully excited about breakfast throughout the week–but i guess that fits into the blog title of getting better about breakfast, not getting amazingly perfect about breakfast.




week 3: egg and goat cheese breakfast sandwiches, with dino kale!

17 Oct

so for week 3, i had a lofty goal of making dough and putting filling in it. but, that was quickly replaced with laziness and realism, and the recognition that i had some english muffins that were near the end of their lives. i changed my plan to something way easier: breakfast sandwiches!

first, the stats: 
  • breakfasts made: 5.
  • time spent:  50 minutes.
  • total cost: i can’t decide whether i should count the muffins? so, with muffins: $1.99 for muffins + $1 for kale + $1 for parsley + $1 for leeks =  $4.99, 0r $3 without english muffins.
then, the description/”recipe.”

amazing, hearty breakfast, right?

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week 2 summary, and a behavior analytic explanation for what i am doing.

16 Oct

okay, so i guess first i should start with week 1 summary, which is as follows:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. SUCCESS!
  • breakfasts made: 4. SUCCESS!
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $3.09. SUCCESS!

so week 1 was great.

week 2 was… better than week negative 2, during which i bought breakfast 4 times and felt very guilty about it. week 2 summary:

  • breakfasts bought: 1. SUCCESS!
  • breakfasts made: 0. whoops. well, sort of 2, if i count taking random food someone else made?
  • breakfasts consisting of some whole-wheat banana muffins my housemate made: 2. TASTY!
  • breakfasts eaten at home because of a holiday: 1
  • breakfasts eaten at a hotel and conference: 2!
  • cost on supplies for breakfasts made: $0! SUCCESS! but sort of cheating success, since i didn’t make anything.

you may notice this adds up to 6 breakfasts in 5 days. what i find most annoying about this is that the day that i had two breakfasts was the day that i bought one! but, to be fair, i left home at 6:15 and didn’t get to the conference to eat that breakfast until 9, so i feel like it’s okay to cut myself a little snack.

i tried really hard to get a good picture of the muffins, but totally failed. rather than posting an ugly picture i took, i will just tell you that the pictures for next week are way better.

but! i think the blog was helpful, because i was thinking that i wanted to report back that i did a good job. which brings me to part 2 of this post, which is a re-statement of why i am making this blog, in behavior analytic terms. chances are good you will not find this interesting, so behind a cut it goes!

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